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Tests and results

Test results

When ordering tests your doctor or nurse will explain what the test is for and approximately how long it will take for the results to come back to the surgery (the majority of tests are returned within two weeks, however X-rays and scan results may take two to four weeks to come back to the practice).

When the test result arrives at the surgery it will be reviewed by a doctor or nurse. If the result shows no cause for concern you will not be contacted. If the results shows any cause for concern then your doctor or nurse will contact you by phone to discuss what to do next. If they are unable to contact you by phone they may send you a text message or a letter depending on your communication preferences recorded in your clinical notes.

If you have any reason to be concerned about your test results and we have not contacted you within the timescale that we have indicated then please call us, bearing in mind that our telephones are very busy up until 3pm. Please check with the receptionist that the letter/result has been received by us before making an appointment.

Please note that if your tests were requested by a hospital doctor then you should contact the hospital to discuss the results.

To ensure confidentiality, we can only release test results of people aged 16 and over to the person named on the result form, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed beforehand. You may be asked for certain information to confirm your identity. Sometimes our staff may not be able to give you the result and you may be advised that doctor will call you back or they may make an appointment to talk with a doctor.

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